Beaded Crochet Rope Instructions by Judith Bertoglio-Giffin
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These are very basic instructions - and it's not all that easy to pick up.  I had been crocheting for over 30 years and I did a dozen bracelets before I was even beginning to be happy with my work! Do yourself a big favor and start with white thread and opaque seed  beads.   Only string about 18" of beads and think of it as a practice piece.  If you want more detailed instructions, please consider "Bead Crochet Ropes"


Hook: Size 10 (1.0 mm) USA  Susan Bates or BoyeTM

Thread:  100% Polyester Top Stitch weight thread

GutermanTM or Jean Stitch TM are my favorites
Beads: glass size 8/0 seed beads to learn


String the seed beads on the thread in a pattern until you have the desired length.  A spiral pattern with 6 different colored 8/0 beads works well to learn with.   DO NOT cut your thread as you will use about a yard of thread for each inch of work.  These instructions are for what is called  a "6-around" patterns.

Remember.... The last bead strung will be the first bead worked! You will be working in a slip stitch  helix, - each stitch having a single bead in it. There is no "step-up" in this work.

Chain 6, with a bead in each stitch. Join your chain to the  1st stitch with a beaded slip stitch. 

Push the hook through loop on which 1st bead is fastened; push the first bead over the hook, down to the right (left) and   BE SURE  to bring the thread from the spool  OVER  the top of the bead.  Slide down the next bead and fasten with a slip stitch.  If you have strung six different colors of beads, then you will be pulling down the sane color bead as the stitch you are going to crochet under.

Continue on in this manner, working in a slip stitch spiral, until the desired length is reached. Care should be taken to see that there are always 6 beads around and that your pattern is looking right. If not, then unravel the work back to where it is right!

To finish the rope,  Cut your thread, leaving a tail and pull through the last stitch. 

When you are ready for more advanced patterns, visit Bead-Patterns and do a search on Crochet.    You will find basic free rope patterns there as well as many other wonderful designs

More in-depth instructions and patterns can be found in my
Bead Crochet Books

  Endless Bracelet: To make an endless loop bracelet, thread one tail with a tapestry needle, mate both ends, matching design and sew it together by passing the needle  UNDER each ending bead and catching the thread.  When weaving, make sure to place the needle under the beads of the last six that were crocheted so that the bead stays on the correct side of the thread, just like you were crocheting another spiral. Each bead stitched should lie in the  same direction as the others.  Leave the first few stitches loose until you are sure the beads are matching up, then snug up tight. Weave the tail back into the crochet work and clip.

If you have never tried this before, please use white thread and 6 different opaque colored 8/0 beads with a simple spiral for your first attempt.  You can then see that you are crocheting  like colored beads on top of each other.  If you have an extra bead in your pattern, you can break it.  Messed up the pattern... call it "free-form" and keep on going.  Home
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