Judith Bertoglio-Giffin

was a participant in

Jill Japan's

Collection of Wonders

as seen in Bisbee  Arizona

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jill.gif (18972 bytes)Jill Japan presented her first Collection of Wonders in May of 2004 in Bisbee, Arizona.  Her eclectic taste combines works of local artists with antiques and found objects.  From time to time, as the mood strikes, she continues to present  unusual  groupings of fashion that is whimsical and even magical.


Jill encourages women to play, to be daring, to have fun, and to do something different.  In that  process, the world of women, adornment and artful clothing come together in the most imaginatve fashion.


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                Some of the Collection                    a2.jpg (49883 bytes)

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